Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations



1.    The membership card must be worn all time within the IRC premises.


2.    Conduct prejudicial to the proper use of the IRC is forbidden. In particular, silence must be observed at all time in or within the IRC premises.


3.    Eating & smoking are prohibited in the IRC. (Only mineral water in non-recyclable bottle is allowed in IRC).


4.    Users of IRC should be properly attired. Dress code is as per stated in UTP Student Disciplinary Rules and Regulation handbook. (Sandals, slippers, shorts, singlet, tight-fitting garments are strictly not allowed in the IRC) IRC staff has the right to demand any user who is considered improperly dressed to leave the IRC.


5.    Caps, hats, helmets or pets are not allowed in the IRC.


6.    IRC does not supply telephone services for users and does not accept any incoming calls on their behalf.


7.    Seats in the IRC may not be reserved. Books, files, bags or other personal belongings left on the tables may be removed by the IRC staff to make room for other readers.


8.    Cleanliness must be maintained at all time in or within the IRC premises.


9.    Users should use IRC facilities & equipment with care. No IRC materials maybe removed from   the IRC unless they have been properly issued by the IRC staff.


10.  IRC books should be placed on trolley, while newspapers & journals on their designated places   after being used.


11.  All books & personal belongings must be shown to the staff at the Circulation Counter whenever required to do so.


12.  Users must adhere to all rules & regulations governing photocopying and shall be fully responsible for any breach thereof.


13.  All IRC books & materials must be returned to the IRC before the due date and before the academic and non-academic staff go on sabbatical or annual leave. Any late due will be fine RM0.20 per day per book.


14.  IRC staff has the right to ask any user who is considered causing disturbance to leave the IRC.


15.  Sleeping is strictly forbidden in IRC.


16.  IRC will not be responsible for any loss, damage or misplacement of users belongings.


17.  IRC has the right to suspend or terminate users membership or borrowing privileges for any infringement of IRC rules and regulations.


18.  Loss of IRC membership card must be reported immediately to avoid irresponsible/illegal usage of borrowing privilege.  User is to bear all costs incurred if such facility is abused. IRC will not entertain any complaint whatsoever as users are fully responsible for the safety of their membership card.


19.  Any revisions, amendments or additions to the rules & regulations will be announced on IRC notice boards.


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